Fortnite 2V2 Bot Race Tournament

Grand Prize: $100

The tournament this Saturday, March 9th, will be bracketed based on the number of teams that join. Final brackets will go live Saturday morning and will be viewable here or in the discord channel. Contestants will be paired 2 v 2 in SQUAD matches. Each team will get as many kills as possible before the teams die or the game ends. Each team will take turns hosting one match and the combined kill count after both matches are over is that teams total score. The winning team will proceed to the next bracket after a short break. 

After all rounds are completed and any disputes resolved, the final scores will be released along with the awarding of the $100 Grand Prize. The second place team will receive their entry fee back for placing second. 

The registration deadline is this Saturday morning at 5PM EST. You must have your information submitted and entry fee paid by that time. 

Game Overview and Rules

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Previous Tournaments

Check out a Prior Tournament Bracket here:

March 2nd, 2019


Wins: 1 | Team wethoomin: Snaque (YT: Snaque) & Joe (Twitch: wt_joe)


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How To Win:

For this tournament you will play two games with your opponents. Each team will take a turn hosting a match as party leader to ensure fair server latency. Your team must keep track of your kills from both matches via a screenshot. You must provide these screenshots after each round. 

The combined kill count from the two matches will determine which team wins the tournament round. If after the two matches the kills are tied, a third match will be played to determine a winner. Please alert tournament staff if this third round is necessary so that we can account for the time. If a fourth match is required to break the tie, due to time constraints, it will be a sudden death match with the first team to score a kill winning the match. 


You will party up as a SQUAD with your opponents. You and your opponent may work together to secure kills. “Stealing” your opponent’s kills is allowed and part of the competitive nature of the tournament. NEITHER team may destroy, weaken, or interfere with any bases made by their opponents, or take any other actions that may help lead to an opponent’s death.

Examples of sabotage include but are not limited to:

  • Breaking or weakening opponent’s built or non built structures or cover by any means.
  • Causing opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way.
  • Building in front of your opponent.
  • Boogie Bombing your opponent.
  • Any of the above actions at any point in the game, makes your team subject to possible disqualification.

Examples of permitted competitive play included but are not limited to:

  • Attracting enemies by firing guns around the opposing team.
  • Boxing yourself in around a loot crate or chest.
  • Following the opposing team.

Match Issues:

Your team is considered a “no-show” in this tournament if either member fails to respond to tournament staff within 10 minutes of the tournament beginning. After this point if either team member fails to begin their subsequent rounds in a reasonable about of time, they will forfeited the round to their opponent.

  • If for any reason you need an unscheduled break besides a QUICK restroom break, please contact tournament staff via the Discord server, chat, email or phone.
  • If your team feels that the other team has acted unfairly during the round or is not responding, please contact staff and we will intervene. Please clip, as best you can, any unauthorized activity. The burden of proof will fall primarily on the accuser so you will need evidence.
  • All forfeits will be adjudicated and finalized at the discretion of tournament staff. 


If a player disconnects in the pre-bus lobby, the game must be replayed. If a player disconnects during game play, it is treated as a death. Your score is equal to the number of kills you had when you disconnected. Your opponents can continue to play even after you have disconnected from the match.

Limited Servers: 

Participants must play on NA East or NA West. Teams paired on opposite sides of the country may alternate. Each team will elect a party leader to host one game. The order of hosts is shown in the tournament bracket. If your team is split (one on the east coast and one on the west) you may choose either member to lead your hosted game. If this results in both games being played on the same server, so be it. Alternating sever coasts is up to your team’s choice while hosting.


We will be hosting other game tournaments online and at local events soon. We will also be hosting unique tournaments like speed run and survival competitions in the future.

You can remit your entry fee and contact info here: We will send you the winning prize after the tournament is completed to the same PayPal account you used to pay your entry fee.

Once the total number of players is finalized, we will have a final bracket with the eliminations details. You can find it here:

Yes! You can play on PC, Console or Mobile🙃 (if you can win on mobile, we will sponsor you for life).